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In this article we will be looking on Casio watches. A watch is a small portable clock which shows the current time. Casio is electronic devices manufacturing company headquartered in Tokyo Japan. The company was established in the year 1946 in the month of April by an engineer specializing in fabrication technology known as Tadao Kashio. Casio Company from the beginning they did not start with creating watches but other products. Their first major product was the yubiwa pipe, a finger ring that would hold a cigarette, allowing the wearer to smoke the cigarette down to its nub while also leaving the person wearing it hands free. Other Casio products apart from watches are keyboard instruments, calculators, digital cameras, laptops, mobile phones, cash registers, electronic dictionaries, Digital Diaries among others. Nowadays, Casio is most commonly known for durable, large sized watches.

CASIO lead the way in innovation with modern, cutting-edge watches such as the Casio Pro-Trek, a watch designed for adventurous types and features a barometer among others. Much of Casio's success has been based not only on its technological and assembly innovations but also on its aggressive marketing and sales strategies. The first Casio watches were made in n the mid 70's and they were made of heavy stainless steel. Later, Casio started using plastic as their watch case material and that was in the year 1977. Plastic cases reduced component costs and therefore Casio could produce value-priced watches that could be sold to the wide market. They produced their first plastic watches in the year 1977. Every Casio watch has a model number and a module number. The model number tells you something about the watch for example the TS-2000 [215] is a temperature sensor (TS) watch.

Casio watches have affordable pricing and elegant design and they has proved that a shopper could get a watch with all the features and advanced technology that lives for long time. Their quartz crystal watches are available in analogue and digital LCD displays, in plastic, rubber, steel and titanium and most of them are water resistance. Simple digital watch is famous for its accuracy and features an alarm stopwatch also. The main categories in Casio watches are Casio Standard Line Up Watches, Protrek Line Up, Edifice Line Up, G-Shock Line Up, Men's Watches, Data Bank and Metal Fashion Watches.

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