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Others on the front row, left to right: Shot Senn '33, an Auburn assistant for twenty three years; Hal Herring '48, who got his doctorate at Georgia in 1971 and became dean of students at DeKalb College in Decatur, Georgia; Gene Lorendo, a 1949 Georgia graduate and Auburn assistant for twenty five years; Buck Bradberry, 1949 Georgia graduate and for thirty four years associated with Auburn, first as an assistant football coach and then as an associate director and later as executive secretary of the Auburn Alumni Association. Back row: Vince Dooley, '54, Georgia head football coach from 1964 through 1988 and in his seventeenth year as Bulldogs' athletic director in 1996; Joel Eaves '37, Georgia athletic director for sixteen years after serving as Auburn head basketball coach in 1949 63 and as a football assistant; Joe Connally, a 1949 Georgia graduate who served as an Auburn football assistant for twenty eight years, as assistant Coliseum manager for ten years until retirement and then as a part timer for several years; Dick McGowen '41; Erk Russell '49, defensive coach at Georgia in 1964 80 and then head coach at Georgia Southern; and George Atkins '55, later associate director of Alumni and Development at Auburn. Photo source: Auburn Alumnews..

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