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Bottom line: Sporty can be sexy too! Unless it is, this fashion-forward, modern world is not going to allow a dressing item survive the heat. The TAG Heuer Formula 1 Quartz Women's Watch series, inspired by everything concerning the F1 races, is a rare blend between high fashion and function, designed for women who are making it big effortlessly in this fast-paced world.

Differences & similarities:

Every TAG Heuer Women's Watch is a bright example that shows performance can be obtained without moving out from the domains of femininity and luxury. A second circle within the face being one of its defining characteristics, the Formula One is as diverse as 27 different varieties, determined by their case sizes, number of diamonds used, finish, colors and choice of materials, which range from stainless steel to ceramics; white to black diamond - even gold. Choice of movements includes Swiss quartz and Swiss mechanical automatics; however, it Is the quartz-based TAG Heuer Watches that are more preferred, being easier to use and maintain.

Despite the aesthetic similarities, a TH Women's Watch is a very different watch from the automatic. There are seven marked differences esthetically between the two:

i. Logo: The TAG Heuer Watch will bear a logo in green and red as opposed to the white of the automatic.

ii. Crown: The TAG Heuer Watch lacks the indented stripe on the winding crown unlike its automatic siblings.

iii. Bezel: The TAG Heuer Watch sports a bezel that has more markings on it than the bezel on an automatic.

iv. Standard seconds: No split-seconds intervals; only shows standard seconds.

v. The Dial: The Tag Heuer Watches have the brand name printed in white over the dial while the words Formula 1 are printed in red just beneath the brand name.

vi. The Date Window: For the F1 quartz models, it is a larger, easier to read font for the date.

vii. Hands: Here, it's a very subtle difference, which is no TAG emblem on the seconds-hand of the F1 quartz models.

In the end:

The perfect watch to wrap around a high-speed lifestyle, the TAG Heuer Watch is the product of advanced technologies, the same ones found in the Formula 1 equipment and circuits. Tough enough to please the pros, yet as comfortable to become your everyday, go-to watch; the Tag Heuer Formula One Quartz Women's Watch has been developed keeping in mind the choice and the intense life conditions an urban woman has to go through from time-to-time. is Singapore's premier ecommerce store for Wrist Watches. Click Here For More Information : Tag Heuer Watches And Tag Heuer Formula One Quartz

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