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In this article, we will look briefly on general information about watches, where they originated, who invented them, when they were invented and who was the first person to wear a watch. We all know that a watch is something that shows time and some of them displays day, date, month and year as well. Actually, watches are very important in our day to day lives as they help us manage our time in the right way without wasting even a single second. The word watch is used as a short form of wristwatch, which is a name for timekeeping devices which are usually worn on the wrist.

It is stated that the time from 1500's to 1575 is considered to be the great time of advancement and innovation in watches. The timepieces in those days were large structures as they were driven by weights and also their sizes also made them impossible to carry about. However, in the year 1524, the first portable watch was produced and it is also said to be the recorded date of the watch but other watches appeared around 1548, which were mostly of German or French origin. English and Swiss origin watches came up later on in the year 1575. Actually, the first portable timepiece was invented in the year 1504 by a person known as Peter Henlein. We have to note that wristwatch was invented by the Swiss watch maker, Patek Phillippe in the late 1800s; which were only worn by women and men wristwatches were later in the early 1900s by Louis Cartier.

There are different types of watches and some of them are LCD watches, analog, quartz, mechanical, jewel and diving watches. LCD watches uses liquid crystal display to show the time and their numbers are usually gray or black on a lighter background. Quartz watches have a quartz crystal as a vibration system and they are most convenient in usage because there is no need to wind them up or worry that they will stop if you do not wear it for some days. Quartz crystal provides high accuracy of movement. A diving watch is water resistant through a depth of between fifty to one hundred meters and it is marked on the dial. Instead of the usual push/pull crown, a diving watch has a screw down crown and this creates a better water tight seal. Analog watches are watches that have hands, there may be a second hand watchbuses,,Jam tangan pria dan wanita,invicta pro diver,ساعات للرجال والسيدات,Relojes para hombres y mujeres,Relógios masculinos -, or not. The second hand moves in continuous sweeping motion

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